Founded in 2017, the TechShift alliance currently supports 11 student organizations at universities in North and South America. 


Our Mission

We aim to expand the use of technology as a force for good, minimize the potential harms of technology, and support a new generation of global leaders working at the intersection of technology and social impact.


How could we — a community of young developers, designers, engineers, and educators — better understand the impact of what we build on the world around us? And what are our responsibilities to address these impacts?

Our story

TechShift began as an experiment back in 2014 at Stanford University. Over the following years, Stanford CS+Social Good has grown into one of the largest groups on campus, shifting the conversation around technology at Stanford. In 2017, students from Brown University joined with Stanford CS+Social Good to launch their own organization, CS for Social Change. The alliance has continued to grow, and hosted its first summit in Chicago in January with more than 30 students from North and South America.